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Dental Crowns

A crown, as its name suggests, is a covering that sits over the top of the tooth. Crowns are used in many different scenarios as they protect, cover, seal and strengthen your teeth. The effectiveness of crowns often allow us to save teeth rather than turning to implants.

We use crowns when:
  • Large fillings have broken down or have formed decay around them
  • A cracked tooth is caught early enough to save it. (Be careful not to wait too long, as an untreated cracked tooth can become sensitive or eventually break).
  • Teeth are very sensitive from a lot of "wear" or receded gums
  • A tooth that has broken is too weak to hold a filling. (If the tooth is fractured too deeply, Root Canal Therapy may be required before the tooth is crowned).
  • A tooth has undergone Root Canal Therapy

A crown is often the cosmetic dental procedure that will save your tooth. Depending on the condition of your teeth, your oral health and your needs Dr. Freedman will determine if a crown is right for your smile.

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