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Dental Bridges

If you're missing a tooth in the back of your mouth, "out-of-site-out-of-mind" is not the adage that you should follow. Perhaps "a chain is only as strong as its weakest link" would be more appropriate.

Aside from the discomfort that can come with a missing tooth, there are other problems that result (as discussed in implants). The tooth that was there acted as a place holder, keeping other teeth from shifting. The space created by a missing tooth allows surrounding teeth to shift. This shift has obvious effects on your visible smile as well as increasing the vulnerability of your teeth and gums to decay and disease.

A solution to filling the gap from a missing tooth that is often used is called a dental bridge. A dental bridge is a false tooth that can be used to replace one or more missing teeth.

Bridges serve several purposed including:
  • Reducing your risk of gum disease (as compared to leaving the space unfilled)
  • Correcting minor bite issues
  • Improving your speech in some cases
  • Acts as place holder to avoid the shifting of other teeth
  • Improve/maintain your oral health
  • Protect the appearance of your smile

If you're missing a tooth and have figured it was harmless, please book a consultation with Dr. Freedman. You can discuss all of your options and determine if a dental bridge is right for you.

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