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September 2022: Tips, eNews & More!

Summer is almost over and while our team will miss the warm days and fun outdoor activities, we're looking forward to the seasonal festivities and cozy nights that fall brings. Think of Thanksgiving, pumpkins, autumn leaves, Halloween, amazing costumes, and more - we're sure that these will keep you in a happy mood!

Many families have kids going back to school, which can make September a busy and hectic month. It's also a great time to make oral hygiene fun again for the whole family by including kids in your own dental routines and educating them about the importance of good oral hygiene. If we haven't seen them in a while, start the school year off right by booking a checkup and hygiene appointment for your children. We want to see how much they've grown!

Use it or lose it! Here’s a friendly reminder to make sure you use any unclaimed dental insurance before it expires. We hope that you enjoy the last weeks of summer weather and look forward to a cozy fall season with your loved ones.

Stay safe and keep on smiling,

Dr. Lawrence Freedman
Bloor Dental Health Centre

Braces vs. Clear Aligners: What's the Difference?

Straight teeth and a fantastic smile are dental goals for many of us, as an attractive smile can boost our self-confidence and bring us closer to those around us. However, with so many different ways to improve a smile, many people are often left confused and unsure of which is the best option for them.

Two of the most common methods of straightening teeth are clear aligners and (traditional) braces. While clear aligners are newer, many people are still opting for traditional braces. Read on to learn why, as well as which method might be best for you.

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Vegan Beet Pesto Pasta

Even people who don't like beets will fall in love with this beet pesto pasta! A gorgeous pasta dish that's easy to make, this pasta can be made with gluten-free pasta or regular; served warm, room temperature, or slightly chilled. It's meant to be flexible so you can do what works best for the people in your life.

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